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Create a life you love.

Join us for Group New Moon and Full Moon Meditation & Soundbath

We'll work together to:

Discover the root cause of your illness

Supercharge your metabolism

Manage chronic symptoms

Heal your relationship with food

Learn to master the foundations of health

Learn how to manage stress


The path to regaining your health comes from identifying the root of where the symptoms and dysfunction started.

I help people figure out the underlying Root Causes of where the dysfunction began.

 I identify the body's stressor, manage chronic symptoms and work on rebalancing your hormones and rebuilding the foundation of health

Once we identify the stressors we can then begin to rebalance our health and body's

I Teach You The Tools Necessary To Feel Better Again


About Me

Learn more about me and how I overcame my own personal health struggles through using multiple forms of healing that I now use to help my private clients thrive and regain their health back

BioScan SRT

The BioScan SRT combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy. A computerized scan is performed to record the reaction of your body to various stressors.


Using the information that your practitioner has gathered a customized protocol can be created to begin the journey to a balanced state.

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My Job as a  Integrative Health Practitioner is to help you regain your health by identifying the underlying root cause and stressors that are affecting your quality of life.

Once I identify the stressors, dysfunctions and toxicities, then I can begin to rebuild your health so your body can function Pain free without Illness and hormone imbalances


I use a combination of at-home lab testing, biofeedback and cold laser therapy, Mindset and easy to follow DESTRESS protocol


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Group Programs



This is a great place to start 

These small coaching groups are centered around rebalancing the body and shedding extra weight and toxins through scientifically backed and highly effective functional medicine detoxes.


Come join our group healing sessions and workshops where I teach you the principals and foundations of how to balance the mind and how this can enhance your life and health.

Your psychological and energetic health has a direct impact on your physical health.


I don't just want to show you what's wrong.

I want to teach you the tools necessary so you can regain your health and life back and maintain your results

In the learn section I share resources, recipes, articles and additional information 

Everything you need to know about how to get started is in this section with detailed descriptions of the services I offer

Heart-shaped plate of healthy heart foods with acai, lentils, soy sauce, ginger, salmon, c
Herbal capsule from herbs nature for good health, vitamin, mineral supplement pills for me


I do my best to offer the highest quality health products in my shop that I personally stand by. The companies I support and work with invest a lot of resources in the quality of their products and that makes me confident in recommending them to you. You will also find helpful resource links to what I offer in my private practice.

Sound Healing Workshops

Come experience a deeply healing experience during our group sound healing meditation and other group workshops. My goal for these workshops is to provide a safe healing space for you.

I understand that we are each on our own unique healing journey, which is why I will offer different workshops throughout the month

Mountain Lake

Valerie L.

When you arrive, you will feel at ease and welcomed. Michelle is amazing at what she does. It calming and zen in the space. I’ve done the sound baths along with Reiki treatments and was completely satisfied with my experiences. Highly recommend

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