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Detox Group

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There is no better way to kickstart your Weight loss and improve your overall health then with a scientifically backed Whole Body Reset! 1 in 3 people have fatty liver disease. A congested liver can lead to Diabetes and even Cancer and a host of health problems. The liver is responsible for filtering our entire blood. A Functional Medicine Detox focuses on key foundations that are essential for supporting the liver, lymph, lungs and kidney by clearing out the toxins that can stay stuck in the body leaving you with... Skin rashes, acne, headaches, joint pain, difficulty losing weight, sluggishness, weak immune system and more It is vital for optimal health that our detox and drainage pathways are open to be able to excrete those toxins once and for all. If we cannot detoxify, over time our bodies will begin to breakdown and we will start to get a host of unwanted symptoms  What can you expect while doing a detox... The detox is easy to follow. each person will have a indivualized protocol based on where their health is at. Some people may require a slower gentler protocol meaning 60 days and other will be able to complete the detox in 30 days During the detox you have me available for any questions and guidance to help support you during your protocol

How it works

The Detox Group does not replace your Private 1-on-1 appointments. It's a great opportunity to connect with other like minded people trying to improve their overall health and wellness while also receiving daily Detox group coaching updates from me.​ Seasonal Detox Groups This is a seasonal small group coaching that is done each season through a private group. This group allows me to easily create daily content with instructions & motivational posts, while easily providing a space to answer any questions you may have during the detox. PLUS its a great way to encourage and cheer each other on as we journey through this program together Although there is never a perfect time in life to complete your Detox I encourage you to join the next group. How to Get Started: Have you ever completed a Functional Medicine Detox? I can assure your the results are amazing! So to be notified of the upcoming Detox Group simply enter your name below and  I will be sure to send you my private group Detox link with instructions Anyone who signs up through the private link (sent by email) will receive a bonuses Gift Do you want to  SUPER CHARGE your detox and get even better results? Ask about Adding on a BioScan drainage enhancement protocol before you start your detox to ensure that all your systems are online and working together to pulls the toxins out and get the BEST RESULTS possible.

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90-Day Kickstart Your Metabolism

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This program is designed for those looking to optimize their health and Kick Start their metabolism

Do you feel like you are stuck and can't seem to lose the last 10-15 lbs?

Do you feel bloated occasionally or have digestive issues after meals. 

This is a small group setting of likeminded women and men looking to transform their health and body's


*Easy to follow nutrition plan

*Workout routine

*Weekly accountability coaching

This is a program designed for those who are MOTIVATED to get results. 

Group Healing Circles & Sound Healing


Join us for a magical evening of healing hosted by a Master Teacher who will assist the group in moving through a guided healing session.


Each event will have it's own individual plan for the evening such as 

Sound Healing 

Reiki Share

Forgiveness Circle

Guided Group Meditations & Sound Healing  

Chakra Balancing work

Grounding & Owning Your Energy

Group Biofield Tuning

This is a safe sacred space where we can heal together and support one another in our healing journey.

Sound Healing



There is nothing like it on earth. These transformative healing sessions are led by Master Sound Healers and Reiki Masters. It's a beautiful blend of both techniques that will leave you feeling lighter and a blissful sense of calm and serenity.


You will lay on a mat or blanket, whatever is most comfortable. Close your eyes and float away during this mystical journey of sound and healing. While listening to the chants and lovely melodies of the healers.

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