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Why I do what I do

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, wife and mom of 3 busy boys, and someone who tries to fit as many hours in a day as possible. I understand the importance of maintaining good health and vitality.

My passion for helping others heal themselves comes from my own healing journey of burnout, hormonal imbalances, debilitating gut issues, and poor relationships with food, emotional trauma andPTSD.

I know firsthand what it's like to feel hopeless, unwell and not know why. Going from doctor to doctor to be left with repetitive phrase such as:

"We don't know where this is coming from"

"Your are just going to have to live with this"

"Its in your Head, You're an anxious person"

This can leave a person feeling hopeless.

I have been on my own journey of growth for the past 8 years. Each year learning more about myself and the tools required to heal the things that's once plagued me leaving me feeling like I would never feel well again. I've studied alongside many amazing Masters who each have brought their own unique teaching. I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to now share these gifts with you during your healing sessions.


Michelle Gauthier

Integrative Health Practitioner

 BioScan | Reiki

Certifications & Accredations

Integrative Health
Practitioner L1 & L2

Cold Laser


Level 1 Kettle
Ball Instructor

Functional Medicine
Lab Interpretation

Metabolic Balance

Chek Holistic
Lifestyle Coach

Upper & Lower
Mobility Instructor

IHT BioScan
Practitioner L2

Primary Care

Primal Pattern
Nutrition Coach


I want to empower and teach others the tools to achieve their best life. My Goal is to make your journey to finding your optimal health and wellness easy. While teaching you the tools necessary to rebuild the foundations for optimal health and vitality. I don't just want to help you lose the weight. I want to help you maintain it.

My practice is centered around finding the root causes to the symptoms you are experiencing.

I want to teach YOU how to rebuild the foundation of your health through Functional Medicine Labs, Biofeedback, Destress Protocols, Mindfulness and Foundational Supplements Protocols. These practices/ tools will help rebalance your body and mind so you can finally feel better.​​


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