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Zinc Supreme
  • Zinc Supreme


    Zinc Supreme™ offers chelated minerals by Albion Advanced Nutrition, the leader in mineral technology. These ideal chelates with a 2:1 molar ratio of 2 amino acids of glycine chemically bonded in liquid to 1 mineral ion of zinc or molybdenum for optimal absorption. These minerals are combined with other nutrients like vitamins B6 and taurine to provide superior results.

    • PRODUCT INFO: Dose, Contraindications

      Zinc Supreme™ is a unique chelated zinc formula enhanced with vitamins B2 and B6, molybdenum, taurine and malic acid for optimal zinc supplementation. These nutrients work with zinc to facilitate vital functions and enzymatic reactions. Zinc and the amino acid taurine work together to support healthy vision and aid in optimal functioning of the central nervous system. Molybdenum helps reduce the excretion of zinc, and vitamin B6 has been shown to help maintain zinc levels. Each one-capsule serving of Zinc Supreme™ provides 30 mg of zinc along with clinically relevant amounts of these accessory nutrients


      Adults take 1 capsule daily or directed by your health care practitioner 

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      Pick up at the storefront location in Cornwall

      Delivery fee of 5$. Delivery on Fridays between 2-4 pm

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      Product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Seal must be in place for return

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