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  • B-Supreme


    This very powerful B vitamin combination formula supplies most of the B vitamins in their coenzymated forms, so the body does not have to phosphorylate them in order to be used in biochemical reactions. This formula also includes TMG and choline to support methylation

    • PRODUCT INFO: Dose, Contraindications

      Health Benefits of B Supreme

        Supports energy production by helping the body properly utilize amino acids, fats and carbohydrates

      Encourages optimal mental health, brain activity and feelings of well-being

      Essential for sustaining a healthy metabolism (the chemical processes of the body)

      Helps balance female hormones, especially during pregnancy, menstruation or other key phases in a woman’s life

      Supports healthy neurological development in babies and during pregnancy

      Promotes the production and maintenance of healthy blood cells and joints

       Supports a strong immune system

      Assists with the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels

       Possesses antioxidant properties, thus helps fight damage to cell membranes

      Recommended Dose:

      Adults take 1 capsule per day with food. or as directed by health care practitioner. 

      Consult health care provided for use past 3 months

    • Shipping

      Pick up at the storefront location in Cornwall

      Delivery fee of 5$. Delivery on Fridays between 2-4 pm

    • Returns & Refund

      Product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Seal must be in place for return

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