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Soundbath (Soundbath Brazil)




60 min

About the Workshop

Come experience the power that sound and silence can have on our mental and physical health. George and Vanessa are from Brazil and come with many different instruments from around the world. George and Vanessa have a wealth of experience leading soundbath. Some of the benefits are a sense of calmness, reduced anxiety, and improved sleep.

Your Instructor(s)

George & Vanessa

The Sound Bath explores the therapeutic power of sound and vibration. In this work, George Lucena, together with his partner Vanessa Rodrigues, creates sound landscapes with fusions of timbres and vibrations of various special instruments, sounds of nature and sacred chants, which lead to the state of rest and the encounter of sensations, memories, insights, understanding, restoration, and self-healing.

George & Vanessa
George & Vanessa
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