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Full Moon Healing & Releasing Circle





About the Workshop

Join Michelle and Chantale for a special Full Moon releasing and healing circle.

Full Moons have been thought of as a powerful time to set intentions for releasing all that no longer serves us.

This Full Moon is Aries is a time where we examine the self, our autonomy and our autneticity, and learn how to balance these with our need for relationships and the negotiating and compromising that is required to maintain them.


Steps 1: Intution Sensing & Guidance

Step 2: Guided Meditation

Step 3: Soundabth

Step 4: Journaling and Sharing (Fire Ceremony)

Your Instructor(s)

Michelle & Chantale

Michelle is a reiki master teacher, biofield tuner and sound healer and has been practicing reiki for almost 10years. My specialty is working with sound and frequency to help shift any stuck energy within the body. Throughout our life we may experience some difficult situations and at time some of those emotions or trauma can become stuck within our body and this can manifest is physical pain, anxiety and physical illness. By working on the field and the mind and the layers, we can begin to heal and feel whole again.

Michelle & Chantale
Michelle & Chantale
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